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"Throw your horns for flavor"

I am a home cook and competition chef who owes my culinary skills and passion for food and food sport to my mother. As a member of Cuisine with Colleen I have competed at the World Food Championships in bacon, finishing in 2nd place in 2015 and helping take home the title of World Bacon Champion in 2016 as sous chef. Now I am now venturing out on my own to compete as head chef of Ink&Knives. 

I have also competed in BurgerBash2017 in Detroit, MI taking home the title of People's Choice winner and was featured as the December 2017 "Chef of ChefWorks". 


Now I look to bring my food and unique culinary approach to the world of food sport and put my skills to the test against the best of the best. 

I am also now selling my home made signature Ink&Knives Bacon Jam. For ordering information hop on over to the "Order Online" page and check out the store. I am constantly experimenting so keep an eye out for new flavor promos!

If you're curious to learn more about just what bacon jam is and where it originated from click the link below.

Bacon Jam: Origins

Featured Info

Culinary Fight Club Champion

Blended Burger Battle 

Charlotte, NC


Presented by CFC, Bo Jackson Signature Foods, The James Beard Foundation and the Mushroom Council

Culinary Fight Club

Sweet Mystique 2.0

The challenge was to blend 25% mushrooms with Bo Jackson Signature patties to create the ultimate blended burger.

Ink&Knives entry was a blended button mushroom patty stuffed with portobello mushrooms, onions and munster cheese. This was then topped with a protobello and munster sauce and I&K Signature Bacon Jam all on a toasted brioche bun.

The burger was garnished with a cremini cap and sat under a dome of hickory smoke for judging presentation.

On to Chicago...and The Final Plate

As CFC Blended Burger champion, I&K has earned a spot at the table for Culinary Fight Fest in Chicago which will feature all blended burger champions from across the country.

Sweet Mystique 2.0 will also be a 2018 submission for the Blended Burger Project presented at the annual James Beard Awards.

Last but not least this burger will also be listed on the specials menu of my hometown joint Johnnie's Onsted Bar and Grill. So if you're dying to sink your teeth into Sweet Mystique 2.0 head on down to Johnnie's!!

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